Impacted Bowel In Children – Treatment Methods

9 Dec

When children have a long period of constipation, it can result in impacted bowel or fecal impaction. It is important to treat constipation to prevent impacted bowel in children. For infants who are three months old or less, having 2 to 3 bowel movements a day is normal. Infants who are a year old or less should normally have about two bowel movements a day. And toddlers and small children should have at least one bowel movement a day.

There could be slight variations between children, but what parents need to look for is a variation in a particular child’s bowel frequency from their normal routine. When a child that normally has one or two bowel movements daily, stops having them for a few days, it could be a sign of constipation.

Parents should take children who are less than a year old to their pediatrician for treating the impacted bowel. Doctors might treat the condition administering a glycerin suppository or they might perform an enema.

For older children, parents can perform an enema at home using a home enema kit available in most pharmacies. They can consult with their physician on what enema fluid to use for their child and the quantity to be used.

It might be necessary for parents to explain clearly to the child about the enema in order to prepare them for the procedure, and have their full cooperation. The child should wait for the enema procedure to be completed fully. In case there is an urge to have a bowel movement during the procedure, the child should be instructed to take deep breaths and exhale forcefully through the mouth.

Parents should go through the instructions in the enema kit carefully before performing the procedure. Since different kits might have different specifications, it is important to closely follow the instructions as mentioned in the kit. Parents should consult with their pediatrician and follow their advice closely.

The enema and other procedures used to treat the impacted bowel in children are only a temporary measure to take care of the symptoms. Parents should focus their efforts on determining the cause of constipation in their child and treat the condition in order to prevent future incidences of fecal impaction.

With a little care and effort, parents can implement certain dietary and lifestyle changes in their kids to completely avoid and eliminate the problem of impacted bowel in children.


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